Missy H. Dunaway

Welcome! I'm an American painter traveling the US, Turkey, Morocco, and Europe. I paint many things, but this blog largely features my "Book of Paintings."

Above are a few snapshots of the Erg Chebbi dune, twenty minutes from our accommodations in Tissardmine.  These dunes stretch from the bottom of Morocco into Algeria.  Soon, I plan to hike into the dunes with a local guide to camp for a few nights. 

"Let’s walk slower."

A work in progress.

"My hands go numb when I sleep.  Sometimes it gets incorporated into my dream and I believe I’m dying.  I think, "it’s happening.  It’s really happening this time."  I almost get impatient for it, thinking, "what’s taking so long?"  I toss and blood returns to my hands in needles."

Who says it doesn’t rain in the desert?  When I traveled to Cafe Tissardmine Artist Residency, I arrived on the third of four days of rain.  My bus waded through heavy flooding in the middle of the night and submerged everyone’s luggage in the undercarriage.  All of my clothes were soaked— and my sketchbooks.  I panicked when I first pulled them from my wet backpack, but they miraculously dried in the sun unharmed.  Alhamdulillah!

"Tea huts in Ihlara Valley.  What a lovely afternoon that was."
"Sometimes cloud watching in Cappadocia is like watching a battle between good and evil."

My lovely studio at Cafe Tissardmine Artist Residency in the Moroccan Sahara.  It’s mainly private, but occasionally I share the space with a lizard or dung beetle. 

I’m here but I’m not from here. The one who brought me here is not far away. If you eat me, he will eat you. --Berber riddle

I’m continuing my series of fishing lure paintings rendered with ink on paper.

"Beneath this mosque is an underground city."

Painting the entrance to a mosque in Avanos, Turkey. I often start with exaggerated colors and slowly reevaluate and quiet the tones as I continue.

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that your art is sooo stunning! Do you use a watercolor moleskine? Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

Thank you so much!  Believe it or not, I use the regular Moleskine sketchbook.  The paper is so versatile— it can accommodate graphite, ink, and even heavy liquid application.  I’ve been so happy with it I have no desire to switch to the heavier watercolor version.

I had to venture two and a half hours to get here, but I’m finally at a small internet cafe in Rissani, the closest town to Cafe Tissardmine Artist Residency in Morocco.  Tissardmine is a small Berber village comprised of ten mud houses, 20 miles from the Algerian border.  Three other artists and I will spend a month living and working in traditional Berber mud houses and exploring the Sahara desert.  Above are a few photos of the scenery. 

Today I’m queueing several posts to fill the next three weeks of my residency period. 

Hi everyone,
Tonight I depart for my artist residency in the Sahara. I will only have internet access once a week at best. When I do have a signal, I will queue images of my new desert-inspired artwork and travel photos. 
I will return on October 20th. Wish me luck!

Snapshots from Fes. I am struck by similarities between the city’s 9,400 tangled streets and the intricate patterning exhibited in its tile patterns and wood carving.